Stakeholder Engagement

Molteno has identified stakeholder engagement as a priority for the success of the organisation. We nurture relationships with our valued stakeholders who contribute to the work we do. We engage and interact with them on a regular basis using a variety of different media, such as e-communication, newsletters, meetings, radio interviews, social media, press releases and various reports, including donor progress reports, and monitoring and evaluation reports.


Funders are our key stakeholders who enable us to drive our vision and mission statements. We ensure on-going interaction and use a variety of means to engage with them. We invite them to visit our project schools to assess our interventions, and to give feedback on the quality of our work. 


The Department of Basic Education is Molteno’s primary stakeholder; they endorse our programmes and materials before implementation. 


Molteno has partnered with various organisations that support our literacy work both locally and internationally; these include sister NGOs, local practitioners, and international educational institutions.

Beneficiaries (schools, i.e. learners and teachers)

Teacher training workshops take place each term, followed by classroom support that ensures effective implementation of the programme. Refresher workshops are conducted if knowledge and/or skills gaps are detected.

Board of Directors

At board and subcommittee meetings held three times a year the Board is informed of all operational developments. Additionally, the CEO consults with individual directors including the chairperson, for guidance and counselling. The Board’s focus is mainly on strategic issues and on the organisation’s finances. 


Staff members are kept updated on organisational developments through an internal newsletter and regular unit meetings.


Molteno sends out regular press releases, including radio and television media.